We've Created A New Tool For Advisors

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Many advisors we work with have asked us to develop a presentation tool to help introduce and position private investments to their clients.
Our answer is the 3D Investment Model.
We have designed this as a worksheet you can use in conversations with both your clients and prospects. 


There are two versions for Advisors:

  1.  A completed version you can use for reference in preparing your words for delivering it
  2. The worksheet version you will use and fill out during your conversations with clients
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We start the conversation with liquidity.  At this point you jot down a few benefits of having a portion of their portfolio liquid. 
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Next, we talk about Wealth Creation.  Here you explain the purpose and note the benefits of investing in the real economy. Get them thinking about opening a space in their portfolio for private investments. 
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Now you bring the third dimension of the model into your dialog and discuss Wealth Preservation through financial planning.  
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The 3D Investment Model worksheet summarizes the model on the final page and leaves a place for you to brand it with your logo if you desire.  This allows you to leave it with your client or prospect as a tangible take-away from your conversation. 
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